Doodles by Dee

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My name is Danielle McKenzie and I live in Athens, Georgia. My love for graphic design began at an early age, and it showed in every school project I did with a computer. I've always loved scrapbooking by hand, and then began doing it on the computer as well. I joined my high school's yearbook staff and there my graphic abilities flourished. I became editor and kept that position for two years. After graduating high school, I missed having an outlet for my love of graphic design. My cousin then asked me to design an invitation for her parents anniversary party, and not long after that, Doodles by Dee was born! I love doing what I do, and I hope that you love what I can do for you!

I work full time at Cornerstone Church Athens as a youth leader and staff assistant. Teenaged girls hold such a dear place in my heart and I love getting to work with and minister to them! Some other things I love to do besides designing things is bake, coach my old high school's swim team, spend time with my friends and family (and my cat Lilly!), and decorate my new home!